Upcoming Member Events

  • 2020 Squash Tournaments - Check members page for tourney draws

  • New Member Brunch - January 27th at 10:30AM. Squash round robin and brunch 

**** Newton Squash and Tennis Club is a private club.  These events are for members only.  Thank you. ****

Congratulations to the 2020 NS&TC Tennis Tournament Champions and Finalists

Congratulations to the 2018-19 NS&TC Squash Tournament Champions and Finalists

Who: Swift String - Sam Williams

How Much: $35- $45 - depending on the type of string

Contact: swiftstring@comcast.net

Drop off and pick up at the club 

Squash and Tennis Racquet Stringing

2 Options

Who: Josh Horwitz, Asst Club Squash Pro

Cost: $15/squash  $20/tennis, string not included; string an additional $10-$15

Contact: josh.horwitz@shs.org

Drop off and pick up at the club within 24-48 hours

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